Billie W. Taylor II, Ph.D.
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This page introduces all of the pipes and other items I have accumulated.
A thorough discussion of the shapes, colors and other characteristics of the pipes is found on Valuing Pipes by Venturi.
I have a few Pipes for Sale or Trade and I have sold almost as many pipes as I have kept — Pipes Sold.


check indicates an individual pipe in the collection and a link to that pipe's page where you can read its story.
not manufactured indicates that the shape/color was never manufactured.

Fashion Stripe pipes have a number identifying the pattern of stripes instead of a check.

Multiple checks or numbers in a cell indicate that more than one of that shape/color are in the collection because of different striping, packaging, or other variation.

An empty cell indicates the collection has no example of that shape/color. If you have a pipe you are willing to part with that will fill in an empty cell, please get in touch.

All pipes in the collection, except ColorCob and Tar Gard pipes, include a point value based on nine criteria of condition. (See Valuing the pipe.)


There are a few pipes that I have kept for sentimental reasons. My first and second the pipe, and one from Wes Myers after we talked about the history of Venturi, Inc.

Prototype teak, sycamore, and purple heart pipes of the Rare Wood Collection were given to me by Don Wells of Super-Temp Corporation after we talked about his memories of the production of these pipes.

I have kept several pipes because they are illustrate how the pipes were damaged or modified by owners:
both shell and liner cracked,
a Billiard with its liner unglued,
a Bulldog with its liner unglued,
a clumsily repainted Venturi,
a beautifully repainted Venturi,
a broken shank, and
a partially buffed off bowl.


Hirschl & Bendheim ColorCob and S. M. Frank (for Bissell) Tar Gard pipes were made in a wide variety of shapes, but, since they do not have bowl liners and were not manufactured nor packaged by Super-Temp, they are only incidental to collectors of the pipe. However, I have collected a few of each along the way in the interest of providing complete documentation of the historical development of Venturi, Inc.

Hirschl & Bendheim

ColorCob label
ColorCob Display
Individual pipes:pink, green, red, blue, natural, native hardwood, black.

TAR GARD pipes
Billiard (in Venturi packaging)
Billiard (Medico Apollo mouthpiece)