Billie W. Taylor II, Ph.D.

Pipes for Sale or Trade

There are only two reasons for this page (and, please believe me, making a profit is not one of them):

1) Occasionally someone learns about these pipes and wants to try one, but doesn't have enough time or interest to search one out. Or someone used to have one of these pipes and lost it or broke it and wants to replace it. This can be a convenient way to get one. If you can afford a couple of hours a day to haunt the eBay auctions and/or a few week-ends each year to attend pipe shows, you will sooner or later find similar pipes, sometimes for less than here, sometimes for more.

2) I have to control my collection somehow. All of the pipe, THE SMOKE and Venturi pipes not needed for the collection are on this page. Either I found a better example of the shape/color combination or a pipe came as part of group of pipes, some of which I wanted, but not the one(s) here.

About pipe numbers: Each pipe is identified by its accession number into my collection. When you are on the pipe's page, the accession number is below the photo in the sentence "The value of pipe #nnn is... points." The lower the number, the longer I have held the pipe.

To see a pipe and read my comments on it, click on it below.

About prices: Prices reflect rarity of shape/color and overall condition. The higher priced pipes are more collectible and/or in better condition. Lower prices indicate more common shape/color pipes and/or greater flaws. All are smokable unless the price is $0 which means that it is free with any other pipes purchased and is best used for brutal experiments.

I may no longer have all these pipes. E-mail me before you send money! In your E-mail indicate which pipe(s) you want by number, your preferred payment method—Money Order or PayPal (in U.S. dollars only). It is with regret that I have become unwilling to send pipes to addresses outside the USA.

When I answer your inquiry about availability, I will:
1) confirm the pipe number(s) and price(s)
2) add $10 shipping and handling cost for up to four pipes.
3) add 5% of the total if you choose PayPal payment.
4) send you my full name and address to send payment by Money Order or my ID for payment by PayPal.

I strongly suggest you confirm my arithmetic on prices + S&H. I am notorious for silly mistakes in addition.

I will hold your pipe(s) for you for 7 days awaiting payment. PLEASE:
1) do not process payment until you have my full name and address or PayPal ID.
2) be sure to notify me by E-mail of your Money Order mailing date.

I will send the pipe(s) off by First Class Parcel or Priority Mail the next business day after payment is received.

If you want a pyrolytic graphite or Venturi pipe, but none of those listed today, bookmark this page and visit every once in while to see what new duplicates have arrived..


If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your pipe(s), your purchase price (less shipping) will be immediately refunded upon return of the pipe(s) OR a mutually agreeable adjustment will be made.



These pipes came to me as duplicates of those in the collection and were never accessioned so there are no photos or Values. Order numbers are included here. They are in excellent condition with any flaws noted.
Only $20 each!

S10 Oyster White Dublin the pipe
S12 Federal Gold Apple the pipe
S14 Ebony Pot the pipe (white marque)
S15 Red Venturi (chewed)
S17 Ebony Billiard the pipe
S18 Ebony Bulldog the pipe
S20 Avocado Green Apple the pipe
S21 Ebony Pot the pipe

the pipe for sale:
Mocha Brown Billiard — $25
Federal Gold Pot — $25

Unsmoked Missouri Corn Cob — $0

THE SMOKE for sale:
None just now.

Venturi for sale:
None just now.

Pipes I smoke but will trade if you happen to have one of those missing from my collection:

the pipe
Bulldog Sage Green
Bulldog Avocado Green
Author Ebony
Bulldog Ebony
Bulldog Oyster White
Dublin English Blue
Apple California Style
Author California Style
Canadian English Blue
Bulldog Horizon Blue
Bulldog Horizon Blue
Bulldog Oyster White/Ebony Buff
Billiard English Blue
Bulldog English Blue
Billiard English Blue Fashion Stripes
Billiard Oyster White Fashion Stripes
Bulldog Federal Gold Fashion Stripes
Bulldog Burnt Orange
Bulldog English Blue Fashion Stripes
Bulldog California Style
Billiard English Blue
Billiard Horizon Blue
Bulldog English Blue/White Buff
Bulldog Oyster White?
Billiard California Style
Bulldog Rare Wood
Dublin Horizon Blue

Blue Billiard
Red Billiard
Blue Billiard
Blue Billiard