Billie W. Taylor II, Ph.D.

Bulldog the pipe

Sage Green

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The value of pipe #052 is 22 points.
22 points description

No fewer than three folks tipped me off to a lot of 4 the pipe on eBay. Not only did my reliable friend Baker Egerton let me know about them, but Robert Holmes and Jerry Kaplan also notified me they were being offered. This was one of the four that Brett Sloan shipped to me after I won the bidding. Later on I got a brand new pipe just like it, so I added it to a swap for a California Style with Jim Russell. Over five years later, I got it back from Keith Marlo, a pipe dealer from St. Louis. So it once again resides on my Pipes for Trade page to smoke until I trade it. Glad to have it back, but worry about whatever happened to Jim.