Billie W. Taylor II, Ph.D.

Bulldog the pipe

Rare Woods

pipe photo
The value of pipe #494 is 40 points.
40 points description

I met Jim Campbell at the 2003 NASPC Pipe Show in Columbus. Two or three weeks later, this pipe and another showed up in my mail. Jim insisted that I not pay him anything at all, not even postage, saying, "Do a favor for somebody else some time." I will, too. This one goes to the Pipes for Trade page.


This is unfortunate, but instructive. Unfortunate because the pipe is no longer smokable. Instructive because I did not know that the Bulldog shape was made this way. The important lesson learned here is not to smoke the pipe very hot. Or, if that happens in spite of taking care, don't try to clear the flue while it is still very hot. The glue is softened if the pipe is smoked too hot and the pressure of the pipe cleaner will cause the top to separate from the rest of the bowl!

No longer among the Pipes for Trade, this pipe is now with the other examples of damages possible to these pipes.