Billie W. Taylor II, Ph.D.

Billiard TAR GARD


pipe photo
pipe photo
The value of pipe #504 is n/a points.

There was an eBay auction by Norman Davis (redporsche911) for a Venturi pipe in unopened original packaging. I had the good fortune to prevail and got this clearly Venturi package. In it, though, was a TAR GARD pipe which is manufactured of S. M. Frank's Brylon material. Since it is unopened and the back of the package discusses only Venturi pipes, it must be concluded that Bissell, Inc. was selling TAR GARDs in Venturi packaging.

pipe photo
This detail of the package back shows the Grand Rapids address and the identification of Venturi, Inc. as a subsidiary of Bissell, Inc. along with a Copyright date of 1977. (See my A History of the pipe for a fuller discussion.) There is no way to assign a meaningful point value to this pipe since it is not made of compression molded phenolic resin nor is it imprinted Venturi. TAR GARD and H&B products are included in my collection only in the interest of providing complete documentation of the historical development of Venturi, Inc.