Fire Gard

Venturi, Inc. Fire Gard ashtray, 1967-?

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My friend, Bill Moore, found this nearly perfect specimen languishing in the backwaters of eBay. He bid and won it. Knowing that I had only sketchy literature about the product, he sent it on to me as a "birthday present."

Some while back, he also gave me the Tar Gard cigarette filters package shown on this site. How wonderful it is to know folks like Bill!

The base is "pearl white" ceramic with a perforated silver-tone cover. They also came with a gold-tone cover and in other colors of ceramic— onyx, antique gold, avocado green, mandarin orange, and sapphire blue. The bases and covers were interchangeable making a possible 12 combinations. I doubt I'll even try to assemble a complete collection!

ash tray
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