Billie W. Taylor II, Ph.D.

Pipe Rock

Venturi, Inc. (PoCoH Industries) 1969-?.

Pipe Rock Earlier packaging.

Pipe Rock Later packaging.

Manufactured of polyester resin by PoCoH Industries for Venturi, the PIPE ROCK was a pipe rest for one, two, or three pipes, sometimes with a hole for matches or perhaps the "sticks and stone striker" mentioned on the earlier packaging. The material is extremely light, so the stands were weighted to about 2 pounds and then well-padded and leather covered on the bottom to protect the surface on which they rested. The hollows for the pipe bowls were smoothly finished while the exterior of the rack was a rough, rock-like finish. The PIPE ROCK came in a black and hot pink box with a holder/display stand and display card. It was offered in three colors: green, brown, and black.

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The one-position PIPE ROCK sold for $7.50, two-position for $8.50 and the three-position for $10.00.

It can be difficult to know for certain that a pipe rest of this style is actually a product of the Venturi company unless it is found in its original packaging. Part of the problem is that each stand was unique, "no two alike." However, if it has a label on the bottom similar to the those with the two- and three-position stands, it was certainly marketed by Venturi. Note that one-position stand has a different label and texture to the bottom cover so it may or may not be by Venturi.

one position
label one
two position
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three position
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