Billie W. Taylor II, Ph.D.

Hirschl & Bendheim Corn Cob


pipe photo
pipe photo
The value of pipe #459 is 59 points.
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This pipe is a perfect object lesson on the importance of keeping good records, even when one doesn't see much point in it at the time. I bought this one through eBay some years ago. I have no idea from whom or how much I paid or anything about it. I only remember thinking that this H&B connection to Venturi's the pipe was barely a footnote, if that, and it would not be necessary to accession the pipe into the collection. Since then I have learned that Venturi marketed a great deal more of H&B's products and even had a line of pipes made by H&B called "ColorCob by Venturi." So now that I've discovered more information, I find it desirable to include the H&B pipes as part of the collection. Of course, without any records, I can't do this one properly and have no hope of recalling details from so long ago. My loss, but probably better to have learned my lesson now with this one than with something more significant.

See my History of the pipe for the Hirschl & Bendheim part of the story.