Billie W. Taylor II, Ph.D.

Dublin the pipe


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The value of pipe #002 is 48 points.
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This second pipe in the collection was a gift from a very dear friend, Gary Peebles. When he quit smoking back in the seventies, Gary offered me this pipe along with several others in his collection. I gratefully accepted them all. I was glad to have a second pyrolytic graphite pipe because, the maker's propaganda notwithstanding, the pipes will accumulate moisture in the heel and the shank if smoked all day. Pipe cleaners will remove the worst of it, but it is better to let one rest for a day with a pipe cleaner in the stem after several bowls of heavy smoking. Having two of them permitted me to abandon the meerschaums and briars completely. Many years later, Tony Thomas got a bunch of estate pipes and it included an early production box for an ebony Dublin with a "The Story of the pipe" brochure in it. Tony is a smoker, not a collector, and offered me this box. I was happy to add a box and brochure that go with this pipe.