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My Collection Tables of Colors and Shapes of the pipe  
  Table of Colors and Shapes of THE SMOKE  
  Table of Colors and Shapes of Venturi  
  Table of Colors and Shapes of the pipe - MADE IN ENGLAND  
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History of the pipe Preface  
  Beginning of the pipe  
  Manufacturing of the pipe  
  Improving the pipe  
  Marketing the pipe  
  the pipe - MADE IN ENGLAND  
  1968-1920 Expansion of the pipe  
  1921-1923 Expansion of the pipe  
  Decline of the pipe  
  Demise of the pipe  
  Timeline of the pipe  
Information About the pipe Anatomy of the pipe  
  Cleaning the pipe  
  Valuing the pipe Shape               Stripes              Liner                Imprint              Mouthpiece
    Packaging        Colors               Finish               Package Contents     Calculate Value
  Smoking the pipe    

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