Pot Venturi

Ebony Mr. President

pipe photo
pipe photo
The value of pipe #777 is 56 points.
56 points description

Frank Rudd wrote to to ask if a lot of Mr. President pipes he found at a tag sale might be worth buying. I told him they might be if the packaging was in good condition and unopened. He wrote back that he was now the proud possesor of ten Mr. President pipes. As a return favor to me, Frank offered me pick of the litter before he put them on eBay. We agreed on five.

Notice that there is a pouch of tobacco behind the pipe. Detail enlargements of the small print are on this page. The brochure mentions, "...it comes in three shapes, three colors and ebony." I now have all of the shapes and colors represented but still needed are Green Bent, Ebony Billiard, Blue Bent and Billiard, and Red Bent, Billiard, and Pot. Of course, it would be really great to get all the shape/color combinations, but that may turn out to be difficult.