Billie W. Taylor II, Ph.D.

Bubble-pack Promotional Packages Details

Venturi, Inc. and Bissell, Inc.

back top center
Back top centered.
The third illustration sometimes replaces LIGHT SLOWLY with MATCHES PREFERRED and shows a lit match instead of the wisp of smoke.

back left center
Back left center.

back right center
Back right center.

back bottom left and right
Back bottom left and right.

If included in the package, this brochure was behind the tobacco pouch:
200 Years of Pipe Smoking in America
Back bottom center. Pages 4 and 1.
Spirit of '76 had "200 years..." showing as page 1.
Others had "There's one thing..." showing as page 1.

200 Years of Pipe Smoking in America
Pages 2 and 3.

front left center
Spirit of '76 front left center detail.