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I am missing a few the pipe color/shape combinations. If you have one of these and would like to help me out, pick any pipe from the Pipes for Sale or Trade page or let me know your price! Click on a shape/color name below for an illustration.
Ash Grey Bent
ash grey bent
Coral Bent
coral bent
Forest Green Billiard
forest green billliard
Forest Green Bulldog
ash grey bent
Forest Green Dublin
ash grey bent
Horizon Blue Bent
ash grey bent

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The shell of a the pipe was manufactured of compression molded phenolic resin, more commonly known as Bakelite, and even more commonly known as plastic. The bowl was lined with pyrolytic graphite. Here are a couple of diagrams showing the terms used to describe the parts of the pipe.
…Fortunately for me, nearly all pipe smokers dislike the way these pipes smoke and so it has not been too expensive to develop a collection of these plastic pipes with pyrolytic graphite bowl liners. I was lucky enough to buy a few pipes in original packaging with inserts that gave some background along with a pretty hard sell. Thus began a search for more information about the construction, marketing, and history of these pipes.
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