The New Look

Venturi, Inc. Sales Representative's Kit, 1972.

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This listing is in the order I received the folder; probably not as originally created. Several of the pages are hole-punched and there were two clear plastic divider sheets between some of the flyers. Also, the pipes included are listed as I unpacked them. It may well be that the sales rep received these at a training session and, over time, added flyers and pipes to his sales materials. The book was clearly a loaner given the inscription.

Portfolio Left Pocket

the pipe: And How It's Made." Reprint. Distribution Executive. May 1970, 30-31.

"the pipe Confidential Distributor Price List." Burlingame, 1 Mar 1972.

"the pipe Confidential Dealer Price List." Burlingame, 1 Mar 1972.

"THE SMOKE Confidential Distributor Price List." Burlingame, 1 Mar 1972.

"THE SMOKE Confidential Dealer Price List." Burlingame, 1 Mar 1972.

"TAR GARD Confidential Dealer Price List." Burlingame, 1 Jul 1971.

Portfolio Right Pocket

"Enjoy This Pipe the Whole Year 'Round."

"Space-age discovery launches new era in pipe Smoking." 1971-1972.

"Expensive taste." Reprint. 1971.

Myers, Wes, Executive Vice President, Venturi, Inc. Sales Mtg. Presentation, "THE SMOKE."

"Leap to Profits in 1972."

"America's Leading Sellers! Pipes Displays...."

"the pipe Autoselector." Side 1.

"the pipe: Fashion Designed for Today's Smoker." Side 2.

"THE SMOKE: A New Personal Experience in Pipes." Side 1.

"THE SMOKE: A Big New One: Danish Styles." Side 2.

"TAR GARD Permanent." Side 1.

"TAR GARD Disposable." Side 2.

"H&B Corn Cob Pipes: 100 Years and growing." Side 1.

"Corn Cob Pipes Accessory Products." Side 2.

"Venturi Color Cob."

"fire gard: World's Safest Ashtray."

"fire gard: World's Safest Cleanest Ashtray."


Burgundy Red Author the pipe

English Blue Billiard the pipe

Orange Bulldog, Black Buff the pipe

Ebony Pot, Orange Fashion Stripes the pipe

Blue Village THE SMOKE

Red Woodstock THE SMOKE

Herment book

Herment, Georges. the pipe.
Simon & Schuster (New York). 1955.
2nd Paperback Printing, 1964.

Handwritten Inscription.
book inscription

The New Look folder

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