Billie W. Taylor II, Ph.D.

Pot the pipe

Federal Gold

pipe photo
The value of pipe #835 is 72 points.
72 points description

Shane Overton (overtonshane2012) offered this pipe on eBay. The listing said "yellowish" and the photo showed a brownish yellow, similar to what I had been calling the older shade of Federal Gold. I bid on it for the packaging and thought that this browner yellow might be what Venturi called "Tan." This led to a major revision of my discussion of colors throughout this web site. The former exemplar of the shape/color is available on the Pipes for Sale page. I have since re-thought the "Tan" color and now believe that it is another name for "Mocha Brown." I am keeping this pipe in the collection as the exemplar for Federal Gold Pot in Early Packaging.