Billie W. Taylor II, Ph.D.

Dublin the pipe

Mocha Brown

pipe photo
The value of pipe #833 is 50 points.
50 points description

Frances Mackinder (ftlighters8 ) offered this "Tan" pipe on eBay. I won the bidding and found it to be Mocha Brown when it arrived. This prompted me to again research The Story of the pipe and the other literature that I have to try to track the color. It turned out that the only mentions of the color "Tan" is in art for catalogs provided by Venturi to pipe shops but not in any other Venturi publications which only listed Mocha Brown. Even so this is a better example of the shape/color so I have placed it in the Table of Solid Colors and Shapes of the pipe and put the previous exemplar on the Pipes for Sale or Trade page.