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Horizon Blue

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The value of pipe #714 is 34 points.
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This pipe was offered on eBay by Michael Griffin (diesel_73). The pipe was listed a being unsmoked, but the paint is nicotine stained and faded. Strangely, the liner appears to be unsmoked (I have called it "Lightly smoked, no cake" because I just can't believe it is as it appears to be) as does the mouthpiece (the outline of the original price sticker still shows and there are no indications it was ever in a mouth). How the paint could be so bad while the bowl liner and mouthpiece are like new is a mystery to me. So, with some regret, it goes to the Pipes for Sale page and the former exemplar retains its status. At least its color is good, although there are a few chips in the paint and heavy staining. The mouthpiece and bowl liner do make it seem to be unsmoked. George Sackett became another fan of these easy to clean and great smoking pipes and bought this one for his rotation.