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California Style

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The value of pipe #683 is 48 points.
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Jay & Louise Jones of Hermit Tobacco had a table at the Chicago 2006 show with these pipes they held onto for me. They were appointed by the estate executors of the late Tom Dunn (Editor/Publisher of The Pipe Smoker's Ephemeris and founder of The Universal Coterie of Pipe Smokers) to liquidate his massive tobacciana collection. Knowing my interest in these pipes and my willingness (eagerness even) to pay exceeding well, they gave me first refusal on his seven Venturi, Inc. pipes - five the pipe and two THE SMOKE. I took them all. Tom obviously enjoyed smoking this one because it is clearly well used. It is not an improvement to the collection so I am keeping it on the Pipes for Trade page to enjoy smoking it until someone offers me something outstanding for it.

When I decided to sell off some more from this page, George Sackett jumped on it and now it is his