Bulldog the pipe

Mocha Brown

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The value of pipe #660 is 29 points.
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Thelma Bushell (granny74) offered a lot of pipes on eBay. Luckily, it was this very rare color -- the first brown Bulldog I had ever seen -- but was in pretty deplorable condition. Bidding was quite light and I got it cheap. My motto is, "Better any example of a color/shape than no example" and so this one joins the collection until a better one comes along - if ever. There may always be a few ratty specimens in my collection, especially of these older colors that never were very popular. I am doubly glad to have this one as it completes the Mocha Brown row! My friend and fellow collector, Bill Moore, sent me what he thought might be an improved example of this color/shape. So I gratefully sent him back this one. As always with Bill, I got the better end of the stick!