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The value of pipe #642 is 64 points.
64 points description

Kaye Fillmore (octavia6) held five auctions of three the pipe in each on eBay - fifteen altogether! I was very lucky to win all five auctions for these New-in-the-box with literature pipes. Nine of these were improvements to the collection so the former exemplars have joined the Pipes for Sale page. The other six have gone up for sale. Think of it - factory fresh, NIB, pipes with original literature for your collection or smoking pleasure. You could be the first to light up one of these outstanding examples - an extremely rare treat 30+ years after they went out of production! This one is now a Pipe for Trade.

My friend, Larry Buys, wanted an NIB example for his collection so I sold it to him since he really, really wanted it and didn't have anything to trade at the moment.