Billiard the pipe

Ash Grey

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The value of pipe #630 is 27 points.
27 points description

Rick Osborn has been collecting the pipe and its cousins for several years but decided to abandon the project. He and I have done a lot of trading, selling, buying, discussing, and giving back and forth. As a most generous gesture, he gave me this pipe and four others before selling off his collection on eBay. A great guy and a brilliant man; I shall miss our close connection. This pipe, like nearly all grey pipes, has good bit of paint damage. Even so, it is smokeable and will reside on the Pipes for Trade page for now. An improved example came along, complete with packaging and no paint damage whatsoever, so this one is now available on the Pipes for Sale page.

George Sackett became another fan of these easy to clean and great smoking pipes and bought this one for his rotation.