Dublin the pipe - MADE IN ENGLAND

Real Briar (184)

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The value of pipe #627 is 38 points.
38 points description

Rick Osborn has been collecting the pipe and its cousins for several years but decided to abandon the project. He and I have done a lot of trading, selling, buying, discussing, and giving back and forth. As a most generous gesture, he gave me this pipe and four others before selling off his collection on eBay. A great guy and a brilliant man; I shall miss our close connection. This pipe is unique. Although the pipe stamping is consistent in style and size with others of these English-made pipes it is on the bottom of the shank instead of the left side. Likewise the BRIAR 184 and MADE IN ENGLAND stampings are also on the bottom of the shank, not the right side as with all the others known. Finally, also unlike any of the others known, it has a sand-blasted finish. The logo "p" on the stem is correct. The bowl liner is missing so it is not possible to determine if it had a pyrolytic graphite liner or not, but it is pretty clear from the stains on the wood interior of the bowl that some kind of liner may have been glued in.