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Federal Gold Fashion Stripes

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The value of pipe #626 is 38 points.
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George Burns is dealer in a lot of different things, including pipes. He calls his business Collector's Paradise and he has warehouses full of stuff! Whenever he gets his hands on a the pipe he thinks I might want, he makes a point of saving it for me. This one he hauled out to show me at the 2005 NASPC show in Columbus, Ohio. Although I do have a marginally better example in my collection, we do have a great time dickering. Of course, he always wins because I don't want to discourage him from thinking of me. Most of the time it's pipes like this one which I sell or trade away, but there are half a dozen in the collection that he has found for me and they are the only examples of the shape/color I have ever seen! This one will make a nice addition to the Pipes for Trade which I can smoke until someone has a swap to offer. Bill Jouris bought some pipes and, after careful consideration, bought some more a few days later; this one among them.