Billie W. Taylor II, Ph.D.

Billiard the pipe

Federal Gold

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The value of pipe #607 is 31 points.
31 points description

Rick Osborn and I have been working together on our collections for several years now. We have traded pipes, sold each other pipes, and commiserated with each other over lost auctions on eBay and discussed myriad details about these pipes. Recently there were a couple of auctions on eBay in which I did not participate because I didn't want but a couple of the pipes in otherwise huge lots. I was so surprised when Rick sent the two I was interested in to me as a gift! This one is especially nice because it will replace the previous example in the collection which will become one of the Pipes for Sale. A new-in-box example came my way so this one too is now for sale. I had an electrical problem and called for help. Caleb Gish came and fixed the problem and when he saw my collection he confessed to being a pipe smoker. When he saw the pipes for sale he couldn't resist this outstanding specimen!