Pot the pipe

Oyster White

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The value of pipe #576 is 40 points.
40 points description

Keith Marlo was one of the exhibitors at the 2004 NASPC Pipe Show in Columbus, OH and had more the pipe, THE SMOKE, and Venturi pipes than I have seen on one table (other than my own) in many years. I picked up three pipes from him, this un-smoked beauty being one of them. When I got home, I realized that two of the pipes were those that had been previously traded by me to Jim Russell some years ago and this one (and perhaps the others on his table) were very likely also from Jim's collection. Jim and I have not been in touch in recent years - I hope he is in good health and happy. Anyway, by the end of the show Keith had none of these pipes left on his table at all! This pipe is now the exemplar for the collection.

Only a year later an un-smoked new-in-the-box example of the shape/color came my way so this one goes to the Pipes for Trade page. For a long time no one wanted to trade for it, so it became a Pipe for Sale. Thomas Becker bought it.