Billie W. Taylor II, Ph.D.

Bent Venturi


pipe photo
The value of pipe #519 is 33 points.

Dale Divis (eladsivid) held four auctions on eBay, each for an un-smoked Venturi pipe. This one is a nice improvement to the collection and it will be added to the collection. Its predecessor will now go to the Pipes for Sale page. This one does have a few very light tooth abrasions on the mouthpiece; I suppose it was a property in a high school stage production or something like that. So when another un-smoked example with no tooth marks came my way, I put it in the place of honor and put this one on the Pipes for Sale page. Except for the very few, very light toothmarks, this pipe is perfect! Greg Meckes bought this one and two others because he heard they could take the abuse he expects them to endure on his new military assignment in Korea.