Pot the pipe

California Rosé

pipe photo
The value of pipe #513 is 34 points.

Vincent Walker (umblessedone) held an exciting auction on eBay for nine pipes, seven the pipe, one Venturi, and another pipe. All of the pipes were in excellent condition, although some of them may have been repainted and some have replacement mouthpieces. The other pipe will, as usual, be sold on eBay at some time, probably with some other odds and ends garnered from lots of pipes that included some I wanted. The Venturi is no improvement to the collection and it will be added to the Pipes for Sale page. This pipe was the main attraction in the auction because I have no pink Pots and it will become the exemplar of the color/shape in the collection. Not long afterward, an un-smoked specimen in its original box came my way, so this one has become a smoker while I wait for a suitable trade offer. Eventually it was traded to Rick Osborn in a massive swap-o-rama that left us both better off.