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pipe photo

pipe photo
The value of pipe #491 is 58 points.
58 points description

I couldn't believe my eyes when this showed up in an eBay auction. I had no idea that THE SMOKE pipes were ever offered in this kind of packaging. Needless to say, I bid high and won (high), but was disappointed to find that the package had been opened and there was some doubt as to whether the pipe with this card was the original one enclosed in the cellophane wrapper. So I wrote frantiques, the seller, and asked about it. Her reply was, "Yes, this is the package the pipe was in. It was not open at the time of my purchase, I opened this to look at it, you can be sure that this came in this package." Knowing that, we can say with some certainty that this pipe was offered in this packaging at some point late in the life of the company.

It is interesting to notice that the card was obviously made for a Venturi pipe (look at the bottom right corner of the front), and the back of the card not only discusses THE SMOKE but the pipe and Venturi pipes, too.