Apple the pipe

English Blue

pipe photo
The value of pipe #484 is n/a points.

This pipe and three others came to me by way of an Internet search conducted by Andrew Williams. He had acquired a bunch of un-smoked the pipe which were not what he wanted because he was interested primarily in California Styles. When he found my Pipes for Trade page, he immediately contacted me about a couple of California Style pipes I had there and offered these four in exchange for two of mine. Although I wasn't anxious to part with my C.S. Dublin, I couldn't resist four brand new pipes that would improve the quality of the collection. So these four have joined the collection and their predecessors have become smoker/traders. However, an un-smoked example of this shape/color with the original price sticker on the mouthpiece has replaced this one in the collection so this un-smoked beauty now comes available to you. Its only flaw is a small paint chip on the front of the bowl at the edge of the rim - hardly noticeable. Mark Berman snapped it up.