Dublin the pipe


pipe photo
The value of pipe #479 is n/a points.

Carl Skaggs offered a pipe rack with eight pipes on eBay. There were a briar Dublin, an Oyster White Billiard and an Ebony Dublin in the lot. I won the bidding and found that the painted pipes were in much worse condition than I had hoped and of no help to the collection, so the Dublin will go to Pipes for Sale and the Billiard will join the Pipes for Trade. The briar Dublin was in pretty good shape and a worthwhile addition to the collection of MADE IN ENGLAND pipes.

This pipe has been smoked a lot and carelessly maintained. The paint is well worn and dull. The mouthpiece shows signs of heavy use but has no dents or holes. The bowl liner has been improperly cleaned, but not recently. It is impossible to tell how well it may clean up. Sal Vitello decided to add it to his collection of smokers.