Billie W. Taylor II, Ph.D.

Bulldog the pipe

Oyster White All-American Fashion Stripes

pipe photo
The value of pipe #473 is 56 points.
56 points description

The 2003 Chicago Pipe Show redeemed itself. This had been the first one in several years where I had not picked a new specimen for the collection. A week after the show, Arnold Siegel called me and said he had this pipe. I already had one like this although not with its box and literature so I wasn't very interested until he said, "It's got this funny little rubber cup with it called a "pipe cap." Of course, I had seen the coupon for one with several pipes I had, but had never actually seen one. Needless to say, I hastily made the deal. Naturally, this All-American stripe pattern now has its place in the pantheon of pipes known as my collection and the previous example joins the Pipes for Trade.