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The 2003 Chicagoland Pipe Collector Club's annual show was again bigger and better than ever. Generally thought of as the premier pipe show in the nation and, according to some, the best in the world, I always come up with a pipe or two for the collection. This time is the first show where I got nothing to fill a blank cell on the Table of Colors and Shapes. However, I did get five pipes, four of which were duplicates and went directly to the Pipes for Sale page and one which will join the Pipes for Trade page. This very battered specimen from Tom Colwell is one of those to sell. It has seen a lot of heavy use and abuse. The liner is well worn. This one may have been an orange pipe originally and has a crushed lip on the mouthpiece, although it still draws OK. If you want a pipe to tear apart to see its innards, it's free for the asking with any other pipe purchase. Trent Rudot, a machinist who makes pipe carving tools, took it; I don't want to think about what tortures he will put it to. Pipe Photo

Valuing the pipe result for pipe 469: 17 points.

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