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The value of pipe #460 is 73 points.
73 points description

Scott Manley wrote to me and offered this pipe that had been in his family for over 30 years. It had been purchased for his father not long before his death and was un-smoked in completely original packaging. I was not terribly interested since I had all of the color/shape THE SMOKEs, but one, and all but three in original packaging. However, I offered Scott what I thought would be a fair price and he sent me the pipe. What a treasure! Turns out that the version of the enclosure with this pipe is not the same as in all my other examples! You can see it on the Literature Enclosed with Pipes page on this web site. I have had to revise my thinking about this literature somewhat on account of this find. I now believe that the enclosure with this pipe is an earlier example of The Promise than the others I have. So I sent Scott 50% more than my original offer and have added this one to the collection.