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A. J. Davis offered this pipe on eBay. It looked pretty good in the offering, but, when I got it, there were a few more dings in the paint than I thought so it was no improvement to the collection. I decided to keep it to smoke while I wait for someone to make an offer for it from the Pipes for Trade page.

As time passed the paint deteriorated to the point that it was embarrassing to hold, much less smoke. So I have repainted it. It is now the wrong hue and, as you can see in the lower photo, the paint job I did is atrocious. But, if nobody looks too closely, it is presentable.

At last the time has come to part with the poor thing so it has moved from the trade to sell column. So here it is available without warranty for fitness.

Greg Scott bought another pipe and claimed this one as a bonus reward. It is fit for brutal experiments and I hope he enjoys it.

Pipe Photo
Pipe Photo

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