Billie W. Taylor II, Ph.D.

Blue Ridge featherROCK the pipe


pipe photo
The value of pipe #428 is 74 points.
74 points description

David Epstein offered this unsmoked featherROCK on eBay and mentioned he had come by it when he had done some jobbing for Venturi in the 70's. Of course, I wrote him before the auction ended to ask about his experiences and, from the correspondence, it developed that he had three more pipes, 2 Venturi and 1 the pipe that were his samples. When I won the auction, we made a deal for this one and the other three - all un-smoked and factory fresh. The two Venturis will join the collection and their predecessors will go to the Pipes for Sale page. the pipe is a true All-American which I did not have in the Billiard shape, so it will also join the collection.

When I got a featherROCK the pipe box with literature, I was able to put the shape names to all of these pipes. Sadly, the pipe in that box was broken or sawed off at the heel of the bowl so I gave it to Rick Osborn and put this pipe in that box. Certainly poor curatorial practice, but the collection looks better this way.