Bent Venturi


pipe photo
The value of pipe #419 is n/a points.

My buddy Al Grosskopf sent me an E-mail the other day. He found a passel of pipes at an an antique show and thought I might like the lot. His price was fair and my policy of rewarding those who find pipes for me pays off, so I bought the lot, nine pipes in all. Most of them are duplicate pipes and will go up for sale immediately. This one, though, is a better example of the shape/color than the one I had, so the previous exemplar goes up for sale and this one joins the collection. Then I got an even better example, un-smoked with the price label intact on the mouthpiece, so it became this one's turn to be sold. It has been the exemplar in my collection for several years. It only comes available now because I got an un-smoked example for the collection. This one has been smoked very little, the tobacco chamber has no cake build-up and the mouthpiece has only very light tooth-marks. The paint is nearly perfect. Sal Vitello bought it.