Pot the pipe


pipe photo
The value of pipe #357 is n/a points.

Janet Puciarelli offered a lot of old pipes on eBay. I wrote and asked her if this might be a Giant Pot and she indicated that the stummel was over 3" so I bid - and won. I was sorely disappointed to find that she had mis-measured the pipe. It was not only not a Giant Pot, but was clearly an orange Pot that had been buffed out to black. (The other five pipes in the lot were in bad to awful condition also.) This misadventure is what led to a new page on this site, How to Measure a Pot. Later I learned that the stummel length is not relevant and added the critical dimension to the Valuing the Pipe page. Perhaps this will not happen to me again.

Anyway. being a duplicate, this pipe went to the Pipes for Sale page. Sam Suklis, who has taken a liking to this shape, bought it from me.