Billiard the pipe - MADE IN ENGLAND

Briar (36)

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The value of pipe #292 is 42 points.
42 points description

Patrick Higgins and I met at the Chicagoland Pipe Exposition in April of 2000. He showed this pipe and another. He said he was quitting smoking and wondered what their value might be. I told him the price I would pay and we parted company. Six months later he e-mailed me and accepted my offer. I jumped at it because the English briar billiard was not represented in the collection and the Federal Gold(o) Pot in the collection was in deplorable condition. My former example of the pot will go to the Pipes for Sale page now and both of Pat's pipes are happily ensconced in the collection. I have since come into possession of another Billiard Made in England, but it has a different bit from this one. So I am keeping them both in the collection until it becomes clear which, if either, is the replacement mouthpiece.