Bulldog the pipe


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The value of pipe #290 is 34 points.
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Bill Posner had an interesting auction on eBay. It included six color Dr. Grabow pipes and two the pipe Normally I like to write the winner of such auctions and buy only the pipes in which I am interested. However, this is only the second raspberry colored pipe I have ever seen. I have given the Burnt Orange Billiard, of which I already have a fine example, to Kurt Sanford in recognition of his generosity and support helping me build this collection and the Raspberry, in spite of its poor condition, will join the collection at least until I have a better example - which may be a long time coming. The Dr. Grabows will be sold in a separate eBay auction with an old pipe rack I have had for many years in hopes that some interior decorator will be attracted to the colorful menage and help defray my cost for the lot.

It was indeed a long time before a really great example of the shape/color came along — sixteen years! Worth the wait though. Anyway, this one went to the Sale or Trade page. It hadn't been there long until Lisa Bellamy added it to her collection.