Giant Pot the pipe


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The value of pipe #247 is 30 points.
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Scott Williams offered this pipe on eBay. Of course, an ebony pot is not especially interesting, but this one came in its original packaging, which is the only example I have seen other than in photographs and advertisements. I do have a couple of pipes that came in the red felt pouch, but I had no evidence that the pouch was original. This early box not only had the pipe in its pouch, it had the earliest brochure I have been able to document. Although the pipe itself is well used and at best in fair condition, the box, pouch and literature make it an extremely important addition to the collection. Some years later I learned to identify a Giant Pot and discovered that this pipe was exactly that. So once more I have done the curatorially-speaking unforgivable and replaced this pipe with another Giant Pot in much better condition. The packaging is now associated with #377 and this pipe joins the Pipes for Sale or Trade. George Sackett became another fan of these easy to clean and great smoking pipes and bought this one for his collection.