Billie W. Taylor II, Ph.D.

Pot the pipe


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The value of pipe #240 is 51 points.
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My reliable friend, Baker Egerton, mentioned an auction that was underway on eBay but forgot to give me the item number. That sent me looking and I found a different auction by Thomas Stupar that included 10 brand new the pipe in the bottom part of the original packing boxes. It seems that Tom had purchased a tobacco shop inventory when the shop went out of business and he offered these at auction. Unfortunately, the box tops and literature were lost, but, even so, these are mint condition, unsmoked, and great examples. Eight of the ten stayed in the collection and two went straight-away to the Pipes for Sale page. Two other pipes that had been part of the collection were also moved to the Pipes for Sale page as a result of this fantastic find.