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Burgundy Red

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The value of pipe #232 is 36 points.
36 points description

B. J. Malone and I have had dealings before, so when she called me and offered this pipe and another to me for whatever price I thought fair, I was delighted. As it happened, my wife and I were traveling out B.J.'s way for a nice winter break and everybody thought it would be fun to meet and do business face to face instead of the usual auction/e-mail way. When we got together, it was a great time and I bought both pipes. The Blue Venturi Billiard is a duplicate and went directly to the Pipes for Sale page. This pipe will have a place of honor in the collection, it being only the fifth Burgundy Red pipe I have ever seen. (He proudly adds, the other four are also in this collection.) Time cures all things and a better example of this one has come my way so this one now goes to the Pipes for Trade page. Christina Colvin got it as a Christmas pipe for Daniel Evans.