Pot the pipe

Oyster White

pipe photo
The value of pipe #215 is 19 points.

As careful readers of these pages know, Pam Mach frequently offers pyrolytic graphite lined pipes on eBay. When I won the bidding on the white Pot, Pam willingly included an orange Pot that had received no bids and a blue Bent that had too much paint damage to be offered for auction. The pots are duplicate pipes and, after I sort out which ones are the better examples, either the former exemplars or these will be offered on the Pipes for Sale page. The bent will stay in the collection until I get a better example. This was the exemplar in the collection until I acquired an un-smoked specimen. So now this one becomes available for trade. Eventually it was traded to Rick Osborn in a massive swap-o-rama that left us both better off.