Billie W. Taylor II, Ph.D.

Bent the pipe

Morocco Grey

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The value of pipe #178 is 34 points.
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Barry Milroad was at the New York Pipe Club Swap Meet in September, 1999. I met him at the social on Friday night and he said he had several the pipe that he might be willing to part with. I suggested that he bring them the next day and we would see if we could make a deal. He said he would be there first thing Saturday morning. By four the next afternoon I had given him up, but he trundled in about ten after four. He had a tale to tell of flat tires and a night spent locating the pipes. Altogether, there were 13 of these pipes, only three of which were duplicates of pipes already in my collection. His were only smoked a few times and are in mint condition so they all join the collection. His contribution has enhanced the collection considerably. Thank you, Barry! This is the first Morocco Grey pipe I have ever seen. Got a slightly better example and so this one goes to the Pipes for Trade page. Dr. Herbert Burks really wanted a bent pipe, so I sold him this one.