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Federal Gold (n)

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Chicagoland Pipe and Cigar Club held its annual Show April 23-25, 1999 and I was delighted to attend. I asked Tom Colwell, one of the dealers there, if he had any of this kind of pipe. He said he might and we rummaged through his boxes and bags for a while without success. I toured the rest of the show and, as I was heading for the door on my way out, he shouted at me, chasing me down the aisle, waving this pipe. It was a beauty and not expensive, so I added it to the collection. At first I thought it would replace another Federal Gold Apple, but it turns out that it is the same shade. So this one goes to the Pipes for Trade page. A better example of the color came along at the 2006 Chicago Show, so this one is now a Pipe for Sale. James Owen acquired it for his collection.

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Valuing the pipe result for pipe 140: 32 points.
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