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Avocado Green/Black Buff Design

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Chicagoland Pipe and Cigar Club held its annual Show April 23-25, 1999 and I was delighted to attend. One of the dealers there, Jim Tedesco, had a large selection of pyrolytic graphite pipes. They had been so well cleaned and reconditioned that they looked like new. We hemmed and hawed and dickered. Finally, I got about 30 pipes from him. This is one of them. This pipe is a variation on the basic design. The top half of the bowl appears to be a separate piece from the bottom half even though it isn't. The expression "buff" may come from the gem-cutters term "buff top" which refers to a step-cut bottom and cabochon cut top. Or it might refer to the process by which the first color was removed —buffing. Interesting.

Pipe Photo

Valuing the pipe result for pipe 111: 38 points.
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