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Oyster White

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Jeff Benner was auctioning a lot of three the pipe, three Venturis, and a Kaywoodie. Since Baker Egerton let me know about this sale and collects Kaywoodies, I gave it to him. One of the Venturis was a duplicate so I listed it on the Pipes for Sale page. You can check if you want; if I haven't sold it, it could be yours. This was one of those I am willing to keep until one in better shape comes along. It took almost three years, but I finally got a better example of this shape/color so this one has been moved to the Pipes for Trade page so I can smoke it guilt-free until someone wants to swap it. After a few months of smoking, the dilapidated paint was much worse, so I decided to try my hand at removing what was left of the paint and re-painting it. Disaster! Instead of removing the paint chemically,I tried sanding it down and wound up disfiguring the pipe. Then the paint I used was not able to stand up to the heat of smoking and the fumes it emitted were over-powering. I have kept the mouthpiece to use should I ever need one for another pipe and sorrowfully trashed the bowl.

Pipe Photo

Valuing the pipe result for pipe 077: n/a points.

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