Apple the pipe

Sage Green

pipe photo
The value of pipe #068 is n/a points.

Joey Bullis found me on the internet. He gave me this pipe after seeing the collection. How nice! I got a better example of this shape/color and put this one in the Pipes for Trade group. Then I made a serious error. After smoking it for about three years, the paint began to wear. There has been a lot of conversation among collectors about the possibility that some pipes may have been repainted so I decided to remove what was left of the paint and try my hand. Disaster! It turns out that repainting the pipe is not as easy as it sounds. Thus this pipe is now offered for trade as an Ebony pipe, although it is not truly that either since there is no paint at all on it. It's just the foundation plastic, nicely buffed. It is now offered on the Pipes for Sale page. Kelly Roberts thought her step-father might like it and got it for him.