Graduate THE SMOKE


pipe photo
The value of pipe #048 is n/a points.

Mike Penix wrote to me after visiting my web site saying, "I saw a yellow THE SMOKE at a flea market, you want it?" I said I would love to have it since it was unlike any in the collection. Not long thereafter, this tapered prince showed up in my mailbox! He would not accept payment asking only that I mention that he can be found as OldSeaRock on Dalnet #pipes group and that he is the proud creator of Chatsworth Famous Smoking Tobacco Blend. Fair enough. (He also asked that I write something "zany" but this is a serious collection (um-hrumph) and I could not oblige.) Later I got a brand new pipe just like this one so I passed it on to Jim Russell who has also been generous to me in sharing pipe lore and trading pipes