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The value of pipe #039 is 36 points.
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Baker Egerton tipped me off to this pipe being auctioned on eBay by Jane MacKenzie. I added it to the collection after winning the bidding. This one is Rosewood, according to the Appalachian Woodworking staff. The pipe was carved from the rare wood, plasticized in a vacuum chamber, and had a pyrolytic graphite bowl liner inserted. There were eight hardwoods used to manufacture this line of pipes: teak, mahogany, cocobolo, purple heart, sycamore, rosewood, Tasmanian Oak and an ironwood. Five years later, a better example of the shape/color joined the collection and this one is now available on the Pipes for Trade page. Bill Jouris found this site and, as a long time smoker of the pipe just couldn't resist picking this one (along with three others) to add to his collection.